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Professional Practice & Study of the Art, Science, Health and Safety of Pet Grooming.

Thank you for your interest in this,"Apprenticeship & Employment Training Opportunity

"Personal interviews can be arranged by calling: 1 (940) 569-2229

Yuppie Puppy Studios is located at 516 Harwell Street, Burkburnett, Texas. 76354
After you have completed our Employment Application, Training and Compatibility Questionnaire we will have the opportunity to get to know each other better during the actual interview.

It should be understood this training and employment opportunity should not be viewed as just a job, but as a Mentor - Apprentice relationship for the purpose of developing  professional pet grooming skills and knowledge that can make you a valued and useful employee of Yuppie Puppy Studios - GROOMOLOGY® Staff.

We expect a person selected for this opportunity to submit to our "Training Agreement" and commit to our "Employment Contract".

Our "Business Policies and Practice"", "Health & Safety Standards, and mentoring is what makes our pet grooming services and employee training different from other pet grooming training providers and employers.

Handling and Caring for other people’s pets is not like handling and caring for your own dog.

Commercial professional pet grooming and hygiene pet care will bring you into contact with various dog breeds with different breed specific temperaments, pet personality and handling and grooming care requirements.

Working intelligently, safely, and humanely with these different breed temperaments, pet personalities, varied sizes, weights, ages, health conditions and physical strengths requires you to be in good mental, physical, and emotion health.

Exposure to pet grooming occupational hazards such as chemical products, zoononic diseases, parasite diseases, and infectious pathogens are occupational risks you will be trained prevent or learn to minimize.

As an Apprentice/Trainee employed and schooled at Yuppie Puppy Studios you will receive one on one guidance and instruction during your hands on training and work assignment experiences.

Part of your training includes academic knowledge studied and learned during work hour discussions sessions in our school type classroom setting.

Studies and discussions in areas of pet and personal health, safety and pet related grooming sciences is an important part of your apprenticeship educational training .

Science knowledge that is often under valued if not omitted and overlooked by others offering pet grooming instructional training or on the job training employment.

Other than your  relationship with the owners during your training  your work hours will be spent mainly focused on handling and caring for dogs.

So, if you see yourself as more of a "people person" this type of work and employment may not be for you and you should consider a different career other than grooming pets.

Our Training and Education is employer and employee paced and provided during work hour assignments.

You must have an above average capacity and desire to learn, an ability to make a personal commitment, be receptive to physical, mental, and emotional discipline instructions and daily challenges of a learning work environment.

Deficiencies in any of those areas may influence,  skill training, knowledge development, personal performance progress and pet comfort and safety
Work and Trade Apprenticeships go back at least as far as the guilds of the early Middles Ages.

Work and Trade skills passed on to an apprentice were a valued opportunity to learn and gain employment, but available to only the chosen.

Yuppie Puppy Studios has a long established Apprentice Program it offers to chosen applicants and employees.

We only employ applicants we believe to have the talents and gifts and able to commit to long-term employment as a valued employee.

We have developed pet dog grooming into an Art and Science that is more than just a job.

Our apprenticing employees are not only trained in the practical hands on art of pet grooming but are also required to complete academic studies in our science of pet grooming, identified and known as:

                                                                             GROOMOLOGIST®  of GROOMOLOGY®

Our apprenticing employees are mentored in our 21st Century pet grooming GROOMOLOGY® "Standards of Practice" in areas such as occupational health, pet grooming safety, dog breed temperament handling, breed and lifestyle grooming needs, humane treatment and handling, zoononic disease studies, and grooming environment sanitation control procedures
We have distinguished our Yuppie Puppy Studios,


Our Registration of Our GROOMOLOGY & GROOMOLOGIST Service Marks  with the United States Patent and Trade Mark Office, identifies and distinguishes our  Staff,  Business and Animal Grooming Services from other pet groomers and animal grooming businesses.

A candidate  for  employment @ Yuppie Puppy Studios is only selected for an apprenticeship when they have shown the following:

1.  A desire and ability to commit to our educational GROOMOLOGY®  Apprentice training.

2.  Talents and the gifts necessary for the humane handling and development dog grooming skills.

3.  Able to meet the physical training demands & work requirements of commercial pet grooming.

4.  Able to meet the emotional and mental challenges needed to  work with dogs.

5.  An above average ability to learn.

Other prerequisites and requirements include:

6.     Be at least 18 years of age .

7.     Have at least a General Education Diploma (GED).

8.     Ability to commit to our employee apprenticeship agreement.

9.     Agree to an employment work contract

10.   Accept employer policies, agreements and conditions of  employment.

11.   Be of good character.

12.   We reserve the right to add additional requirements. 

Eligible applicants must commit to an Apprenticeship Agreement and our Employment Contract.

For Apprenticeship Employment Availability Call 1 (940) 569-2229 or

Contact: Rich or Pam @ Yuppie Puppy Studios @ 516 Harwell Street, Burkburnett, Texas 76354

Disclaimer: No Federal or State approved pet grooming apprenticeship programs exists to the knowledge of the Author of this Apprentice
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