Ear/Hearing Protection Assessments & Certification
Business:   Yuppie Puppy Studios
Location: 516 Harwell Street, Burkburnett, TX 76354
Evaluated Hazard :  Ear/Hearing Protection
Owner/Manager: Pamela Neely - GROOMOLOGIST®
Studio Master: L. Richard Neely - GROOMOLOGIST®
Areas Inspected:   Studios A,B, & C - Classroom
Date Inspected:   Aug 21,  2016
Job Assignment Evaluated: Exposure to High Velocity Blow Dryer noise, Dogs suffering separation anxiety from owners may present high pitched barking exposing workers in work areas to sudden and addition noise hazards that can and may exceed acceptable exposure and noise levels.
Name of Evaluator:  L. R. Neely - GROOMOLOGIST®
I certify that on the above date I performed a hazard assessment of the above
Evaluated Hazard. This document constitutes the certification of that hazard assessment. I understand that this document facilitates compliance to the hazard assessment requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1910.132(d)(2). In addition, proper PPE selection, fitting, utilization and communication with undersigned employee has been accomplished in accordance with other requirements of Subpart I.
Certifier Signature:   Lawrence Neely                                  Date: Aug  21, 2016
Appropriate ear/hearing protection, such as insert able ear plugs, head earphones, must be used to protect against the hazards associated with excessive noise levels and noise duration lengths.
Job             Questionnaire
Hazardous Activities
Required PPE
Do employees work with equipment that exposes other near by  employees and self to  excessive noise levels and /or noise durations?
Use of High Velocity Blow Dryers used over time to blow dry each dogs hair, coat and body can and may produce noise levels that can and may become a hazard affecting hearing. 
Wear insert able Noise protective Ear plugs or Head phones.
Do employees perform tasks, or work barking and/or wining animals (dogs) that continuously bark wine or suddenly produce  high pitched barks. 
Some dogs do bark continuously when separated from owner. Some breeds do produce sudden very high pitched barks do to owner separation anxiety.
Wear insert able Noise protective Ear plugs or Head phones.
work areas should have sound baffling in work areas, in design construction, and noise absorbing  materials placed in work areas where animals are held.
Recommended Protectors
High Velocity Blow Dryers and other noisy grooming tools and equipment.
Noise levels exceeding duration or  db noise safety levels
Ear Plug / ear headphone protection
Dog suffering from owner anxiety separation being held in cages wanting attention before there grooming session.  .
Barking, wining dogs and Dog Breeds with high pitched sudden barking behaviors.
Ear Plugs / ear headphone  protection
Part 2. TRAINING GUIDE - Employees must be trained to know the following:
Q. Why ear protection is necessary:

A. Listed above are job hazards that require ear protection. The Protective Equipment section of the chart describes the required PPE equipment for the task hazards.
Q. How ear protection protects the wearer:

A. The use of approved ear plugs designed to protect against noise duration and db noise levels that may affect hearing.
Q. What the limitations of ear protection:

A. Ear plugs ear headphones will not stop all sound but offer better protection against noise levels and duration exposures.
Q. When ear protection must be worn:

A. Protection must be worn when there is a potential for injury to hearing lose from excessive noise levels or duration of noise or any combination of there of.
Q. What proper procedure is for putting the protective ear plugs on for comfortable and effective fit:

A. Protective ear wear must fit in the ear canal or closely to the ear to muffle noise entering the ears. Plugs must be tight enough not to fall out but must muffle noise yet be comfortable. Head earphones protection should be adjusted to provide maximum protection to the ears being protected. For sanitary reasons ear headphone need to sanitized for different wearers and disposable ear plugs can be worn only one by the person using them and then should be disposed of after each use.
Personal Protective Equipment Assessment and Training
I have received and understand the material presented concerning a job hazard assessment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements for this job assignment. My training included a discussion period covering the following points:
1.  What PPE must be worn in this work place
2.  When PPE must be worn
3.  How to inspect PPE for wear and damage
4.  How to put on, make fit, and take off PPE
5.  What the limitations of the PPE are
6.  How to properly store and clean PPE
7.  How to properly dispose of the PPE
I have been afforded the opportunity to ask questions about the use of PPE and I have had a "hands on" exercise using the appropriate and necessary PPE properly.
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