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We have published this web page to say, THANK YOU!

As we celebrate 35 Plus Years of Business; we want to use this web space to say thanks to all companion animal owners. The trust and confidence companion animal owners have placed in Yuppie Puppy Studios GROOMOLOGIST® and GROOMOLOGY® brand of animal grooming inspired us to Register our Service Mark identities.

Our distinguished Service Marks and Certification Mark identities have been made well known and famous by caring animal owners from near and far. Our Federal Registration of our Service Marks - GROOMOLOGY® GROOMOLOGIST®. offers consumers the ability to identify our animal grooming services from other pet grooming services.

Our Apprenticed Employee's Marka - Certified GROOMOLOGIST®, BATHOLOGISTsm identify our animal grooming employees from other pet groomers. We certify our employees because anyone with little or no experience can call them self a pet-groomer. Certification of our Apprenticed Employees Service Marks offer animal owners and consumers the assurance they have made the right:

Step Up To The Art, Science, Health And Safety Of Professional Animal

For over thirty-five years we have consider it a privilege that our professional animal grooming services have been chosen as care provider for the grooming and hygiene needs of family pet. Our Texas geographical location in the United States; being near Sheppard Air Force Base not only enables us to serve the pet population of Burkburnett, Texas and Texoma area but also traveling pet owners from through out the world.
World Travelers from other States and Countries often make their pets grooming appointments to correspond with their travel and visit plans to the area.

Yuppie Puppy Studios - located just off I - 44 in Burkburnett, Texas is the home and birth place of GROOMOLOGY® and GROOMOLOGIST® ; a specialized brand of animal grooming and hygiene services for 21st Century pets and pet owners.

As we train, educate, mentor and certify additional GROOMOLOGIST® of GROOMOLOGY® to serve future generations of animals and caring companion animal owners, our high standards and ethical practices can be expected to continue to meet the growing demand and need for qualified professional pet grooming and hygiene care practitioners. Our GROOMOLOGY® animal grooming apprenticed employees become - Certified GROOMOLOGIST® - Trained Specialist in the Art, Science, Health, and Safety of Pet Dog Grooming.

Our classroom style and school type academic studies make our mentoring and hands on skill training unique in the development of qualified and experienced pet grooming and hygiene care practitioners. Our advanced studies will continue to be a condition of employment for our grooming and hygiene apprenticing employee's.

As companion animals wait for States to legislate licensing rules and regulations for pet groomers; consumers and animal owners can be assured Yuppie Puppy Studios GROOMOLOGY® - Standards and Practices will continue to provide a healthy and safe place for your pets professional grooming care and hygiene needs.
Our employee training in respectful handling practices, safe grooming procedures and humane grooming techniques as well as health and precaution sanitation procedures for the family pet will continue. When provided by one of our GROOMOLOGIST® and BATHOLOGISTsm our pet animal grooming and hygiene services are the desired by pet owners. Our animal grooming services will always strive to be the safest and best grooming and hygiene care experience the family pet can have.

Again Pet Owners - THANK YOU - for choosing - YUPPIE PUPPY STUDIOS
OWNERS Pam & Rick Neely


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