Separate Hot and Cold Bath Fixture configurations are Not Safe because they can be difficult to adjust to a safe water temperature.
Our one hand "Single Control
Bath Fixtures Provide Safer water temperature adjustments.
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Scald Safety & Heat Stress Protection
Yuppie Puppy Studios also protects your pet from accidental hot water scalding and temperature stresses during the bath. All pet bathing  fixtures have automatic scald monitoring shut off valves installed. These scald protectors act as a back up to protect your pet from accidental scald temperature. Note: Depending on a dogs age, physical problems, medical condition  and skin allergies; water temperatures that are to hot or to cold may cause such dogs physical stresses that could create an immediate need or worse a delayed need for tomorrows Veterinarian medical attention.
Vacuum Breaker/Back Flow Protection
Why a hose connection vacuum breaker is needed? Under the guidelines of a Cross-Connection Control Program a Vacuum Breaker backflow preventer is required by the International Plumbing Code, ..."when a direct or in-direct cross-connection in a public or private water system exists". The Hose Connection Vacuum Breaker is designed for low hazard installations where backflow siphonage only could occur. Each Studios Bath Units has a vacuum breaker installed to prevent cross contamination of facility water.
Yuppie Puppy Studios, commercial grooming facility hot water heater temperature is set at "
warm" for your dogs safety and comfort.
It may be hard to believe but some commercial and home pet grooming facilities actually bath your pet in just cold water. Icy cold water may not only subject your dog to possible hypothermia but understandably cause your dog to have behavioral problems during the bath. Some grooming facilities have been known to actually charge extra $ for dogs having bath behavioral problems which could be caused by exposure to uncomfortable or un-safe water temperatures. Such pet grooming facilities have failed to realize the dogs non-cooperative behavior is simply the pets reaction to uncomfortable if not dangerously HOT or COLD water temperatures
Caution! Beware of  (in-home) pet grooming businesses.

Home hot water heater temperatures are normally set higher for human comfort and may be too hot for commercial pet-grooming bath safety.
Bath Tub Safety Tether Fasteners
Yuppie Puppy Studios (4) four bathing units have quick connect and disconnect tub Safety Tether Fasteners installed to protect your dogs safety during the bath.
Bath Safety Tether
Yuppie Puppy Studios uses humane safety tethers to secure your pet during the bath. A Bath Safety Tether - prevents anxious dogs from  jumping out of the tub. As with people bath tub accidents, grooming shop bath accidents are also the cause behind many grooming shop pet injuries. All dogs are secured in the our bathing units with humane and safe restraint tethers.
Non-Slip  Bath Mat
We all are aware of the dangers of slipping in the tub/shower. Did you know, your four footed animal friend is more likely to slip and fall in the tub than you are; so all 4  pet bath units of Yuppie Puppy Studios have non-slip bath mats. Non-slip mats are especially important for older dogs with painful arthritic joints that can suffer further injury from a slip or fall. Paws slipping and sliding around in a wet, , soapy, slippery tub, during the bath can cause any dog (old or young) to suffer muscle sprains and joint injuries. Bath mats help prevent slips and falls but are no substitute for proper humane handling techniques.
Not Just A Bath @ Yuppie Puppy Studios
We have many safety precautions engineered  into the bath and bath handling process to protect your pet .
However even with all the above safety equipment availiable and in use only proper employee training and animal care policies can assure your pets bath is humane and safe.
Our Hygiene Bath Care employees - aka - BATHOLOGIST sm - are trained in the safe and proper use of all equipment.

BATHOLOGIST sm not only receive hands-on practical bath and handling training but engage in educational academic studies and discussions in our (school style) classroom. All YUPPIE PUPPY STUDIOS - Staff are educated to humanely handle your pet before, during, and after the bath.
Some continue on to an advanced animal grooming position as one of our GROOMOLOGY® APPRENTICES.
Successful GROOMOLOGY® APPRENTICES become eligible under our Terms & Conditions to become:

We protect your pets safety with continued training and educating of our selves and our employees.
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